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Anti-Spy Detector

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Are you worried that someone might be spying on you or your family? It is possible that someone planted a camera, GPS tracker, or audio bugs in your home, office or even your car. And if you like to travel, then you should know that these illegal gadgets have been found in hotel rooms and Airbnb apartments many times before. 



Protect your privacy with the Anti-Spy Detector that is specially designed to detect all of these gadgets with high accuracy within minutes! This great Anti-Spy Detector can even detect if your smartphone is tapped or when a text message was sent to make sure you are well-aware of everything happening around you! 

Enjoy living freely with The Anti-Spy Detector that will constantly protect you!



The anti-spy detector will accurately detect the location of the most illegal spy devices in a few minutes.

High-sensitivity with a wide detection range to detect the source of signal waves quickly and prevent you from being monitored or tracked.



Multifunctional as it can detect all of this:

  1. Detect if your home or office is bugged with illegal equipments.
  2. Detect if your car is bugged with a GPS tracker.
  3. Detect if your phone is tapped.
  4. Detect if you are being exposed to dangerous radiation from appliances.
  5. Detect internet signal and wireless cell phones.
  6. Detect when a message is being sent.
  7. Detect recording devices in hotel rooms, public restrooms, etc.



Guarantees privacy during business transactions.

5 different detection modes to alarm you when something is not right.

Portable, lightweight & easy to use to facilitate your exploration.





Specifications :

Type: Camera Detector Finder
Detecting Frequency Range: 1MHz – 6500MHz
Detecting Range of Wired Cameras (Self-shoot): 0.1m – 20m
Detecting Range of RF Device: 0.05m-10m (Subjected to the Transmitting Power of the RF Device)
Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery 450mAH
Current Consumption: 8mA
Viewing Lens: IR Filtered Lens
Self-shoot Detecting Wave Length: 920nm
Material: ABS




Package List :

1* anti-spy detector


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Anti-Spy Detector

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