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Fishing Reel

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Confidence is necessary for fishing, and to achieve that, your fishing gear needs to fit the criteria of being better than just “good enough”. Don’t risk wasting your time losing fish… one after another. 



Our Fishing Reel can give you the confidence you need to earn your next trophy that is super strong, high powered, ergonomic, super-smooth, stable, durable, and many more to provide the best fishing experiences you could ever ask for. After all, what’s power without comfort, and what are both without getting anything out of it? 

Trust This Fishing Reel and watch fish from all sizes getting into your basket easily and constantly! 



 The fishing reel is loaded with features that offer the best fishing experience.

 Lightweight & ergonomic design that provides high-performance.

 Impressive stopping power due to its high power.



 One instant stop for ultra-smooth performance and anti-reverse bearing.

 Durable & high-range spinning reel that is ideal for getting the big fish.

 Compact spinning reel to provide easy carrying




Fishing Method: Spinning

Baits Type: Fake Bait

Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

Gear Ratio (500-4000): 5.2:1

Gear Ratio (5000-7000): 4.7:1


Max Drag: 8KG

Position: Saltwater/ Freshwater

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 500: 0.2/170 , 0.25/100 , 0.3/60

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 1000: 0.20/200 , 0.25/130 , 0.30/90

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 2000: 0.20/260 , 0.25/170 , 0.30/120

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 3000: 0.20/200 , 0.25/200 , 0.30/140

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 4000: 0.30/170 , 0.35/125 , 0.40/100

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 5000: 0.35/185 , 0.40/140 , 0.45/110

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 6000: 0.40/175 , 0.45/140 , 0.50/110

Line Capacity(mm-m) HB/HC 7000: 0.40/195 , 0.45/170 , 0.50/120



 Package List

1* Fishing reel

6* Hooks


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Fishing Reel

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