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Flashlight Gloves

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Since you can’t do anything in the darkness, you use a flashlight that basically leaves only one hand for you to operate. And well, that’s not practical, not useful, and mostly frustrating! 




But with the Flashlight Gloves, you will have your hands free and a bright light to illuminate your surroundings perfectly. With 2 LED lights in the index finger and thumb, you will never have to do anything in the darkness anymore. 

The fingerless LED gloves are durable, flexible, and waterproof which make them ideal for fishing, biking, camping, and more! Just wear the LED light gloves, click on one button, and watch its light wear down the darkness completely.



 Flashlight glove gives you the freedom to do everything in the darkness without holding a flashlight.

 Handy & convenient LED light gloves because it features 2 LED lights on the thumb and index finger.

 White & bright light that can illuminate your surroundings and help you see everything clearly.


 Anti-slip gloves that hold on tight to your palms.

 Flexible, breathable & high-quality material that can be stretched to fit different hand sizes.

 Waterproof fingerless LED gloves so it can be used in rainy weather.

 Easy operation flashlight gloves that can be turned on and off by pressing one button. 

 Perfect tool for when you go fishing, camping, biking, hiking or more.




Material: Spandex & Cotton

Color: Black

Characteristic: Waterproof

Size: Forefinger about 4.5cm/ 1.77in       

        Thumb about 3.5cm/1.37

        The distance between two fingers about 7cm/ 2.75in

Mode: Left, Right



2pcs* Flashlight gloves 


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Flashlight Gloves

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